Love Drunk Hearts started as an outlet for frontman Aaron Ikin after losing his father at a young age to motor neuron disease. Music became a vessel to release the loss. Starting as grief relief, the songs quickly morphed into a means to capture the human condition in all its colours.

Formed in 2015, the band quickly developed their own brand of soulful modern rock, a kind of musical all in brawl between Neil Young, Josh Homme and Jack White - Raw, honest and emotive. 

Known for shows that are explosive, yet still hold groove, the songs have an emphasis on sing along hooks and take-home lyrics.  

The band’s latest release ‘Keep It Up’ is both self-biographical and an inspiration for anyone who is fighting to do what they want; the music bounces between doubt and hope. It shows a subtle departure from the high energy of the band’s first two releases, ‘Two Hearts’ and ‘She’s A Fox’, which have been featured on Triple M radio. 

Having played at premier Sydney venues like Frankie's, Oxford Art Factory, Brighton Up Bar, Moonshine the band are currently working on new material to be released in the first half of 2019.

Comprised of Aaron Ikin, Chris Falkland (Marble Arches), Ben Bryant (Bec and Ben) and Michael Brown (Clubfeet), Love Drunk Hearts bring a wealth of individual musical experience that combines to make a muscle car that purrs just right, yet still knows how to roar. 



“What makes Love Drunk Hearts such an engaging act is their ability to clearly marry a clarity of tone and narrative, but also to bring the noise” (Happy Mag)

“The quizzical nature of the lyrics wanders through the room to the accompaniment of an intoxicating faded blues driven duality of guitars” (Emerging Indie Bands)