Love Drunk Hearts
Love Drunk Hearts
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Love Drunk Hearts are on the verge of releasing new music produced and mixed by renowned Australian producer and musician Oscar Dawson of HOLY HOLY.

Drawing colour from a wide pallet of sounds with nods to Boy and Bear, Dan Auerbach and Neil Young, the band creates the sonic space for melodic story-telling accompanied with lush harmonies, reverb soaked guitars and precise rhythms.  


“What makes Love Drunk Hearts such an engaging act is their ability to clearly marry a clarity of tone and narrative, but also to bring the noise” (Happy Mag)

“The quizzical nature of the lyrics wanders through the room to the accompaniment of an intoxicating faded blues driven duality of guitars” (Emerging Indie Bands)



SONS OF THE EAST at Henry’s Hotel Steyne

MARVELL at Brighton Up Bar

NICK CAVE and The Bad Seeds Premiere at Palace Cinemas

HONEY HAZE at Park House Mona Vale


MODUS OPERANDI Fourth Birthday Party

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Bluesfest Busking Comp Top Fourty - “What Makes A Man”

MTV Aloft Comp Semi Finalist - “What Makes A Man”

Triple M / AirIT Airplay – “Two Hearts”